online cake delivery in jaipur

Celebrations are incomplete without cake. Be it birthday, anniversary, wedding, farewell, promotion and other, cakes make their way for every celebration. These celebrations are:

  1. Birthday-

Cakes are very popular sweet dish for celebrating a birthday party. It’s a symbol of celebration. Because every birthday celebration is incomplete without delicious cake. These special occasion cakes are available in different flavors like Vanilla, Pine apple, Black forest, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Black current, Fruit, Red velvet, Cheese, Blueberry, kiwi, Irish coffee etc.


2) Anniversary

Anniversary is a most special day in every couple life and each year has its own importance as each couple goes through different phases of life. Celebrating anniversaries with cutting cake is the perfect way of expressing your love. Be it a 1st anniversary or 50 th anniversary celebration, a cake is sure to turn the day special and memorable.


3) Wedding

Wedding cake is a crucial part of the wedding reception and it is not just a cake but it is a center of attraction for each and every guest. There are so many themes you can choose for the wedding cake to make it look tempting. These wedding theme cakes are Mehandi or Ornamental design cake, Peacock design cake, Elephant design cake, Love evoking monument design cake.


4) Christmas-

Christmas is a most important festival in Christian community celebrated on 25 Th December in every year around the world and celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus. This festival also teaches us to thank and appreciate each and every person in our lives. Christmas celebration is known for mouth-watering plum cake.


5) New year

New Year fill a new energy to every mind which gives a chance to go to forward in your life. In that day most of the people like party and celebrate New Year. For New Year celebration with family and friends cake is the best thing for create hilarious moments.


These are five wonderful occasion in life, if you are in the search of cakes online then winni is the right destination for your search and you can order cake online by our online cake delivery in Jaipur services. We also offers same day cake delivery in Jaipur within 3-4 hours after placed order. We will provide fresh cake at your doorstep with free home delivery. We provide cakes like Black forest Cake, Vanilla Cake, Butter Scotch Cake, Mango Cheese Cake, Drawing Cake, Shape Cake, Photo Cake, Heart Shape Cake and 2 or 3 Tier Cake etc.

So celebrate relation in best way by ordering different varieties of cakes in cake delivery in Jaipur. Winni also offers unique services like midnight cake delivery in Jaipur along with eggless cake delivery in Jaipur.



online Christmas gifts in bhilai


The second week of December every one planning how to celebrate this Christmas or planning to surprise for family, friends and children. Every Christmas children’s get gifts from Santa Claus but in present days you can make modern Santa Claus for them by send online gifts for Bhilai for children’s. In gifts you can send online cake delivery in Bhilai or online flowers delivery in Bhilai. There are a lots of gifts you can send on this Christmas:

  1. Christmas Plum Cake:


2) Christmas Photo Cake

christmas-photo-cake3) Mystical Scented Candles:


4) Christmas Cards:


5) Chocolate :


6) Santa Pillow:


7) Christmas Tree:


8) Flower Bouquets:


9) Serene Jesus Blessing


Before the Christmas day, there are various type of plum cakes available in the market. But in present days, people like online shopping, so you can easily order plum cakes from winni. Winni have a lots of varieties of Christmas cake like Royal Icing Plum Cake, Eggless Plum Cake, Plum Cake, Christmas Photo Cake and Normal Cake etc.

So celebrate this Christmas with family members and friends at home and spread lightness on life with go together at every steps of life.

Jaipur- Pink City Of India

Online cake delivery in Jaipur is offered by winni. Jaipur is popularly known as desert capital of India or pink city is the land of palaces, forts lakes and architectures. The beautiful building design and pink painted avenues are really make Jaipur more special.

This city is surrounded by beautiful forts and hills. Jaipur is one of three cities (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur) throughout India that are known as ‘Golden Triangle’. Jaipur is famous for its forts and tourist destination. Some of incredible tourist spots are:

1 ) City palace:

 City palace is a popular tourist place in Jaipur city, the city palace is famous for its serene amalgamation of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture. The intricately designed peacock gates are one of its kind and the place has gorgeous courtyards, perfectly manicured gardens, museum, art gallery and a fascinate display of royal costumes and old weapons.


2 ) Hawa mahal:

Hawa mahal is known as ‘palace of the wind’ is the best place to see in Jaipur. The design of this palace intricate pattern on the windows (953 windows) and screens. The hawa mahal in the architecture glory, is one of the recognized building in Jaipur.


3) Amber fort:

Amber fort or Amer fort is the principle tourist attraction in the Jaipur. This fort is famous for its artistic style blending both Hindu and Rajput element. This fort is famous for its mirror works and situated on the Maotha Lake. In amber fort areas, there are a lots of other palaces in addition to numerous temples and gardens.

Recently sanja leela Bhansali’s movie Bajirao Mastani has put the spotlight on Jaipur’s beautiful amber fort.


4) Jantar mantar:

Jantar mantar is most popular tourist place in Jaipur due to its structure and sculptures.


5) Albert hall museum:

Albert hall is museum in Jaipur and the museum is located on the old city areas of south Jaipur. This museum has a huge collection of local king portraits, artefacts, handicrafts and painting of the glorious past of the city and famous royal families.


6) Jal mahal:

Jal mahal is located in the middle of the man Sagar Lake, is one of the best tourist place in Jaipur. The clean water of the lake and scenic view of the surrounding Aravalli’s make the palace look stunning at night time.


There are lots of forts and tourist place in Jaipur city. But the most special thing has changed in this city is ordering cake, flowers and other gift items in all over the Jaipur city. There are many cake delivery companies in Jaipur but one of the popular one is winni. Winni provides cake delivery in Jaipur and midnight cake delivery in Jaipur. Winni have wide variety of cakes and those which are available in different flavors like Black Forest, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Caramel Chocolate, Choco Vanilla, Blueberry, Strawberry etc.

So, celebrate each and every occasion in best way of sending cake to Jaipur.

online cake delivery in gaya

online cake delivery in gaya is offered by winni. Gaya is a second largest city of Bihar state and one of the oldest city in India. This city is surrounded by rocky hills by three sides. The city is a mix of old age building, natural surroundings, narrow bylanes and green areas.Gaya city is one of the most important tourist spot and pilgrimage spot in the country. Gaya is also famous for its two historical temple Vishnu pad temple and mangla Gauri temple.


Gaya is multi culture city. All type of festival and events are celebrated here in an amazing way be it Holi, Durga puja, Diwali, Chhath puja etc. or events like birthday, anniversary. Order an online cake in Gaya is the best and simple way to celebrate occasion. Now a days there are many companies who delivers cake in Gaya, one of the most popular companies in Gaya is winni.


Winni provides all types of cake delivery in Gaya. Some of them are black forest cake, vanilla cake, butterscotch cake, Choco vanilla cake, chocolate caramel cake etc in different size including 500 gm, 1 kg, 2kg and more according to customer needs.

Winni provides free home delivery of cake in Gaya like cake delivery in Tilha Mahavir Asthan, cake delivery in Kotwali, cake delivery in Mg Road, cake delivery in Chowk, cake delivery in Sp Kothi, cake delivery in Chand Courah, cake delivery in Civil Lines, cake delivery in new Godown, cake delivery in Gewal Bigha and many more areas.

So celebrate relation in best way by ordering birthday cake in birthday cake delivery in Gaya.



Reason to choose online cake shopping

Cakes are most popular which work as Sweet for celebrating a party. Be its birthday, anniversary, Farewell, house warming, promotional, retirement and any personal or professional party without cutting a cake celebration is not complete. This increasing demand of cakes in every celebration has opened the market of online cake shopping. Cake market now days is very high and there is no one who don’t know about online home delivery of cakes.

In present days, it’s like a custom to celebrate birthday party or any other party with beautiful, unique and delicious cake. Thus there are wide variety of cakes available online like black forest cake, double chocolate cake, pineapple cake and vanilla cake etc.

Even in smaller cities, people like online cake shopping now days. Earlier smaller city people used to prefer window shopping of cakes like going to a bakery and buying a cake for party.  But the concept of online cake shopping is new and it is very beneficial to everyone. There are some reason to choose and buy cakes online:

1) Wide variety of cake:

In bakery or cake shop there are 5-6 variety of cakes are available but in online website, lots of variety of cakes are available like Regular cake, 5 star cake, Customize cake, Drawing cakes, Shape cakes, photo cakes, premium cakes, hearts shape cakes etc.

2) Select unique design and flavour:

In online cake shopping, the main advantage is that you can select unique design as per your wish and flavour according to the theme party but in offline shopping there are no option to select unique design, only some particular design are available.

3) Send cake to all over country:

You can buy birthday cake, anniversary cake, promotional cakes, retirement cakes, silver jubilee cakes for anniversary etc. and can send cake online to all over the India and outside India also. This facility is not provided by the local bakery. For this online facility, one can express love, care, affection, romance and emotions towards their family or friends for each special occasion with online cake delivery.

4) On time delivery option:

This is the main benefit for online cake delivery in Pune that we can get cakes delivered on timer. Generally everyone we face traffic issues, time management problem because of office work load etc. So, this is the best option I would say for all of us to order cake online and get delivered without any hassle. A very strong delivery option to deliver a cake to your doorstep with selected time period.

5) Convenient to buy cake online:

You can order cake online with few click on your computer or mobile and get it delivered at specified address. With the internet facility, we can do any type of work online and get fulfilled our basic needs things like food, clothing etc. One just need to do few clicks on your mobile and we can get everything delivered to our home. This is the new culture of developed and developing cities.

So, this time just leave traditional way to buy cake and prefer online shopping for ordering birthday cakes, anniversary cake and wedding cake. There are so many ecommerce companies who offers online cake delivery service. One of the most popular online cake delivery company in pune is winni.


You can send cake to pune by ordering cake delivery in pune and surprise your loved ones. The best and simplest way to celebrate occasion with midnight cake delivery in pune and make your celebration memorable and wonderful with So let’s make our moment and celebrate in the best way.


Birthday Cake Delivery In Dhanbad

Cakes are very special or popular dish for celebrating a party. It’s a symbol of celebration especially for birthday celebration. Because every birthday celebration or any other celebration like anniversary, wedding celebration, farewell celebration and many more personal or professional celebration is incomplete without cake. These special occasion cakes are available in different flavour and also in different design. Start from regular flavors like Vanilla, Pine apple, Black forest, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Black current and most hot selling flavors in present day are Fruit, Red velvet, Cheese, Blueberry, kiwi, Irish coffee etc.


In present days, due to our busy schedule no one has time to go to cake shop and buy cake. So, in this case we prefer online portal as a gifting option. But now a days, there are many company to offers online cake delivery in dhanbad but most popular online cake delivery company in Dhanbad is Winni. Winni have a wide variety of special occasion cake like Birthday cake, Anniversary cake, Wedding cake, Cartoon’s cake, Customize cake, Drawing cake and many more variety. Winni provides birthday cake delivery in dhanbad or same day cake delivery in dhanbad within 3 hours after placing the order. Winni offers unique service like midnight cake delivery in dhanbad as well as order a cake in advance, as per your conveniences.


Winni covers large number of area across Dhanbad few top location winni provides the delivery are: Acc colony in dhanbad, Bccl township in dhanbad, Cmpf in dhanbad, Damodarpur in dhanbad, Amtal in dhanbad, Ankduara in dhanbad, Ambona in dhanbad, D.S.E in dhanbad, Dhanbad bazar in dhanbad, Dhanbad hirapur in dhanbad, Naya bazar in dhanbad, Wasseypur in dhanbad and many more areas.

So enjoy the delicious birthday cake delivery in dhanbad provided by winni and make your celebration memorable and wonderful with winni.


Kya Gift Karenge?

What to Gift?
This is one of the most common question random people will ask me whenever there is a special occasion like Birthday, Anniversary’s, Marriages, Engagements, Proposal, Retirement, Diwali, valentine’s day, new year, Christmas, congratulation and many occasion there are different types of gifts available in market now a days, which makes every one of us in a state of confusion and dilemma about what to gift but to answer this question there will be many things that one should answer.


To whom we are giving gift?  
To a boyfriend, girlfriend, cousin, sister, wife, husband, mother, and father or to any distant relative we can give gifts to anyone you like the most.


What are likes and dislikes of a person you are gifting?
This is one we should know about person likes and dislikes, so that we can select a perfect gift based on his/her likes, There will be cases like one person has given surprise order for his girlfriend’s birthday a black forest cake in pune but his girl don’t like black forest cake and surprise will leads them to fight about not knowing the likes and dislikes about his girlfriends.


What colour do they like the most?
Colour is very important role plays in gifting as some will like red colour like a bouquet of red roses but some will like multiple colours like Profound Love A bunch of Red and White Roses which contains both red and white colour roses.


There are many things we can give gift but the best gift one to gift to anyone without worrying about likes and dislike of a person is cake as most of the peoples like to eat yummy cake be it be any occasion or be it a surprise gifting cakes and flowers are the best gifts one can present easily without worrying about anything, Now placing an order online for online cake delivery in pune has made easy using winni one can place order using website or in mobile application and get the freshet flowers and cakes home delivery within a selected date and time.