What Is Your Zodiac Flower

Different flowers have different kind of meaning. Zodiac flower are based on the astrological zodiac signs. There are 12 zodiac sign according to the astrologers. So there are some kind of information to choosing the right flowers for your special ones. These 12 zodiac flowers are:

  •  Aries– Aries people are strong and determined. They are optimistic and quite             impulsive. Their flowers are Honeysuckle.



  • Taurus—Taurus people are warm-hearted, responsible and romantic by nature. The Taurus people love to be surrounded by a lots of colours. Hence the best flower for them are Lilies and Red Carnations.


  • Gemini—Geminis are perfect artist, Geminis are one of the most creative of all the zodiac people. They love to wear bright appearance and Gemini blooms with Lavender and Orchid.



  • Cancer—Cancer peoples are sweet, endearing and very sensitive in nature. Cancer will enjoy the electric collection of flowers for them are white colour flowers especially for White Roses, Water Lilies. Lotus etc.



  • Leo– Leos are creative, fun, warm-hearted, generous, loving and fearless person. Leo are true depiction of lion. Full of positive expression, Leo tend to be dignified, ambitious and bold. Marigold and Sunflower are the blooms for Leo people.


  • Virgo– Virgo people are hardworking and perfection oriented nature. Most meaningful blooms for Virgo are Asters and Narcissus.


  • Libra—Libra peoples are very romantic and charming, cooperative and fair minded. They have the tendencies to display the extremes of being emotional. Hence, the flowers for them are Red roses and Bluebells.


  • Scorpio– Scorpion are intuitive, mysterious and ever-intelligent. Blooms for scorpion are Geraniums, Tulips and Iris.


  • Sagittarius– Sagittarians are challenging and blunt. In their happy moods they are pretty easy-going and positive and fun to be win. Blooms for Sagittarians are Carnation.


  • Capricorn– longevity, structure and material gain are the hallmarks of Capricorn’s people. Lilly or white and pink roses are the blooms for Capricorn’s people.


  • Aquarius– Aquarians are clever, forward thinking and faithful people based on love. Most meaningful blooms for Aquarians are Orchids.




  • Pisces– Pisceans are open hearted, generous spirit and compassion. Blooms for Pisceans are Water Lily.



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