online cake delivery in Bhilai

Bhilai is a most important city in the chhattisgarh state. Bhilai is a home ground of Bhilai steel plant. Bhilai steel plant is one of the largest steel plant in Asia, which has also been eleven times awarded the prime minister’s trophy for being the best integrated steel plant in the India.


Bhilai steel plant produces steel products like rail tracks, construction material, railways sleepers, wire road and heavy steel plates etc. This steel plant is a biggest steel plant with an annual production more than 3 million tone of saleable steel. Except this steel plant, many medium and small scale industry to support the economy of the city. Bhilai is also famous for its phenomenon education system and also it is a tourist place of Sikh religion. Bhilai has cosmopolitan city and being one the fastest developing city, Bhilai draws huge crowds from all over the India in the form of tourist, students and public or private employees.

The people of bhilai is very soft nature and they celebrated all the festival in most interesting way be it Hareli, Durga Puja, Makar Sankranti and many more festival. People also celebrate every personal and professional occasion with family and close friends. In every celebration cake is a very popular dish. Without cake in any occasion is incomplete. Now a days, there are a lots of ecommerce companies has started offering cake, flowers and any type of gifts items. One of the most popular online cake delivery company in Bhilai is winni. Winni have wide variety of cakes and the most popular cakes in winni are: Chocolate cake, Black forest cake, kiwi layered cake, Fruit cake, Choco vanilla cake, Cheese cake, Mango maharaja cake, Black current cake, Hazelnut cappuchino cake, Chocolate Carmel cake etc. Winni offers more than 78 different flavour of cakes at reasonable price ranging from Rs 699 to Rs 5499.


So make your celebration more wonderful and sweeter winni offers online cake delivery in Bhilai or same cake delivery in Bhilai. Winni also provided unique service is midnight cake delivery in Bhilai.


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