online cake delivery in Gaya

Gaya is one of the developed city of Bihar state in India. Gaya is one such place that is close to the heart of those who follow ‘Hinduism’, ‘Buddhism’ and ‘Jainism’. People of Gaya are very soft in nature and treat guests like a god.

Gaya is most popular city for its heritage landmarks and historical temples like Vishnu pad temple and Mangla Gauri temple. About 10 km from Gaya town is Bodh Gaya, the place where Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment.

Gaya city is one of the most important tourist spot and pilgrimage spot in the country. The most important tourist spot are:

1) Vishnu Pad Temple:


2) Barabar Caves:


3) Mahabodhi Temple:


4) Bodhi Tree:


5) Chinese Temple And Monastery:


6) Muchalinda Lake:


7) Thai Temple And Monastery:


8) Royal Bhutan Monastery:



Now winni is coming in the historical city to deliver online cake and flower in Gaya. Winni offers variety of cake include regular cakes in different flavour like Black forest cake, Vanilla cake, Butter Scotch cake, Chocolate cake etc., Eggless cake, Fruit cake, Photo cake ,5 star cake. These cake are available in host of a size.

So celebrate relation in best way by ordering cakes in online cake delivery in Gaya. Winni also offers unique services like midnight cake delivery in Gaya along with eggless cake delivery in Gaya.




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